These are a useful collection of links for graphic designers and web programmers.

Adobe: are the makers of some of the finest design applications available.

ColorHex Converter: One of the more practical utilities for Web designers, this site converts RGB values from your paint application to HTML color tags.

Communications Arts: is a graphic design magazine packed with editorials, articles and award-winning design, illustration, photography and electronic design.

Eudora: Quallcom make the most comprehensive electronic mail application out there. Go here to download a light version of their product.

HotWired e-zine: Man I hate that word! This site is Wired magazine's presence on the Web. It is just as colorful as the print edition and they tell ya about stuff you thought only other governments did.

Apple computer: Home sweet home. Mecca. A place we all must visit to re-fuel, to venerate, to be reminded of our roots.

The Ultimate Apple Search: The name says it all. Mac addicts can search for software and hardware sources.

Iomega: Iomega make a great line of portable storage media for graphic artists and others, who require high-volume, reliable storage. Their site sucks but their products don't.

MacWorld: Read the most complete and up-to-date authority on Apple's computers and compatible software packages.

Quark Inc.: produces the most flexible, and thus the most popular, page layout application available to graphic designers.

XPresso Bar: This is a site for graphic designers searching for technical pre-flight info...

World Wide Web Consortium: These are the people who make the big decisions. H.T.M.L. standards, etc...

Mac Addict Magazine: Simply the hottest and newest Macintosh magazine out there. I bow to the Mac gods.

Other Related Web Sites

XPresso Bar is the definitive (if highly caffeinated) guide to QuarkXPress resources on the Web. Beware or it might keep you up all night.

If you prefer to go right to the source, check out Quark's Home Page.

Extensis Corporation develops and markets application-enhancement software that enables users to get more from the software they are already using.

PhotoDisc is the leading provider of high quality digital stock photography, both online and on CD-ROM. Their online collection has over 50,000 images to choose from, with thousands more being added every month. And their search engine is unusually helpful. You can even get free comps.

Publish offers this companion to their magazine. Take a look.